Shortlands Residents Association

Bromley Crime Summit and Scam advice

For those of you who went to the Bromley Crime Summit last Saturday morning at the Civic Centre I hope you enjoyed it. A great deal was covered by our new

BCU Commander Jeff Boothe and Assistant Met Commissioner Martin Hewitt. The presentation (on their Gangs Campaign) by Bromley Youth Council was as inspiring as ever.

Greater detail will be given at our next public Ward meeting being held at 8pm in the Friends Room at St Marys Church on 18th October. Hope to see you there.

Meanwhile, the latest report on local crime and advice from one of our own DWOs PCSO Adam Charles is shown below.

Note the next local contact point is at Costa Coffee in Westmorland Road, tomorrow between 1pm and 2pm.


You may be interested to see a special report from our DWO PC Russell Edwards who was involved in chasing criminals with one of our previous DWOs Harry Mudge. The chase ended with

the Police car being rammed and the criminals escaping on foot but the purpose of the dialogue is to impress upon us all the need to report suspicious behaviour. Luckily neither Russell nor Harry were

hurt and much will be gained from forensics on the material found in the criminals vehicle. I will let Russell's comments speak for themselves -


"Just thought I would share some recent work to hopefully raise Shortland’s residents awareness to call police when they see suspicious behaviour.


On 19th September I was in the company of our previous DWO Harry Mudge and we received a call a short distance from our base (not in Shortlands Ward). The call was a resident who had become concerned about 3 males who originated from a vehicle all wearing gloves and paying attention to a house on the road that was believed to be a building site. The resident explained their behaviour was very strange for the area and kept police informed as myself and Harry approached the area; the resident was able to provide a basic vehicle description and direction of travel.

Myself and Harry were able to get behind the vehicle before it came to a natural stop in a block of flats communal parking area; at this point the vehicle then rammed us in our police vehicle a number of times to try and evade police use of force tactics which were used and the windows of the bandit car smashed. The vehicle then managed to make off before being abandoned a short distance away.

The vehicle was actually displaying false number plates and was a stolen vehicle with 4 more sets of stolen number plates in in the vehicle with crow bars and other tools associated with burglary.


I am sharing this incident to highlight the importance of calling police with any suspicious behaviour within the community. Following this one phone call resulted in a group of males not being able to commit a burglary in the area; a stolen vehicle was recovered and a selection of number plates recovered hopefully disrupting the criminals behaviour.


Hopefully we are able to obtain forensics and catch the culprits.


But to the residents of Shortlands please all work together to keep our community safe. You all live in your areas and know the familiar faces and times your roads are busy and quiet; if you see something you don’t feel is right then call police - the more information we get the more actions we are able to take.  


Sadly our poor vehicle is now off the road for a while for repairs.



Shortlands Ward DWO PC Russell Edwards."         



At the earlier Crime Summit Asst Commissioner Martin Hewitt told us that recruitment has been underway and by next February 2019

the Met Police will be increasing the PC strength back to 30,000. There will be a new structure put in place under Southern Area Commander Jeff Boothe which will go live next

February 2019; there is a new vision on Policing.

With each Ward having a minimum of 2 PCs and 1 PCSO, extra police will provide a central Task Force which can be drawn upon by DWOs for special help when required, also to be

used for extra resourcing in Schools and dealing with Youth Offending.

The Police are very much aware of the failures of the 101 telephone reporting system and have taken steps to increase staffing and a telephone menu system to divert calls to the correct

area; many calls have nothing to do with Policing. There is also going to be an online system introduced for reporting ASB and this will enable relief of many incidental reports clogging up the 101 system, bringing together intelligence on hotspots, all without detracting from the seriousness of ASB incidents.

Much is being done to meet changing crime patterns in the 21st century and making use of technology now available.

Many "Stop and Search" incidents involve criminals known to the Police; also, the Police will be talking to known re-offenders in the very near future.     

Residents safety is at the forefront.

Our Police are indeed needing and looking for the help of law abiding citizens.    

It was a very good Summit Meeting and well over 100 residents were present. A lot of ground was covered and hopefully we will see the Minutes giving fuller information.



Finally, here is some information on some of the latest scams and Police advice (extracted from the Hayes and Coney Hall Ward Newsletter issued by their DWO PCSO Adam Lighterness):

The first two originate with a telephone call.


1)      HMRC – Someone has been making a spirited attempt to revive the tax scam. This is when someone tries to claim that you owe a large amount of tax from years back and threaten that the police will arrest you if not paid immediately over the ‘phone.


2)      Police – Someone claiming to be a policeman will call and claim that there is a problem with your account and possible fraud from one of the bank’s employees. After running through a few “security checks” they will ask you to withdraw some money from your bank and collect by courier.


3)      TV Licence – You will get an email claiming that you are due a refund on your TV licence. Upon clicking on the link you will be directed to a website which will take your banking details and the promise of a large refund.


All of these are scams and designed to make you part with your money. You should never divulge any of your banking details over the ‘phone and never click on a link on an unexpected email or text. These are all designed to entrap you. Some of the scammers are very convincing as they may have been doing this day in, day out for years.

If you receive any call like this please put the ‘phone down and, if possible, record the number that called you. Never give out any personal details such as passwords or pin details and always remain on your guard.

Please help spread the word to those that you may consider vulnerable and pass on details to our DWOs if you feel they could benefit from a visit.