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Shortlands Crime Report 16/11/17 - 30/11/17

Help Clear Leaves

You can help by bagging up leaves from roads and pavements ready for collection. Purple bags for this may be obtained by phoning (020) 8315 0220.

Leaves can also be disposed of by home composting  or through our Green Garden Waste scheme or taken to our refuse and recycling centres.

Please do not sweep leaves from your property into the road.

What the Council is doing

There are over 36,000 street trees in the borough.

From October to January we provide additional crews and equipment to clear leaves to stop pavements and roads becoming slippery and messy and to prevent road gullies being blocked. Although we usually start this in October we may adjust this in response to weather conditions.

We prioritise leaf clearance to streets that have the most trees and try and schedule clearance with the point in the season the different tree species lose their leaves.

Pavements will be cleared first we will return to clear grass verges if necessary.

Report suspicious mopeds

To all Shortlands Residents, 


Sadly on Friday the 10th November at around 0950hrs a Shortlands resident was the victim of a moped enabled robbery near to the junction of Kingswood Road and Den Road the victim received injury's consisting of a broken arm where she fell to the ground after her bag was snatched by a moped travelling along the pavement.

The Shortlands team were first on scene and provided the initial investigation and first aid.

The Shortlands team are continuing to assist in the investigation to hopefully catch the offenders Bromley CID are now investigating this incident.



Following this incident can I please ask that all Shortlands residents are aware of this incident and please report any suspicious Mopeds in and around Shortlands Ward; this is especially important if the moped appears to have more than one rider.

Could I also ask that if residents notice mopeds parked where they feel is suspicious such as alleyways or quiet roads or even suspicious activity around garage block areas could they report all suspicious activity to 101 or the Shortlands Team. They park these vehicles somewhere, re-fuel them too so please keep an eye open and call 101 if you think you notice something unusual.


By providing the above information the shortlands team can be more proactive and intelligence led to try and stop further incidents happening within the ward and further afield.




Shortlands Ward DWO, PC Russell Edwards

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Public Consultation

Following amendments to the proposals public consultaion will now be on 16/17/18 November 2017 – Churchill Theatre – Wells Room