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Updated May 12

More Trains at Shortlands from May 20

From May 20 there will be four Thameslink trains an hour to Blackfriars - a doubling of the service. They will be at 15, 25, 45, and 55 past the hour. There will continue to be four services to Victoria at 07, 22, 37 and 52 past the hour.

Scam Calls Warning

Shortland Crime Report 16/04/18-30/04/18

Over 100 at SRA AGM and Hustings

Well over 100 people attended the SRA’s Annual General Meeting at St Mary’s church on 26 April – including Beckenham MP Bob Stewart and Councillors from Shortlands, Copers Cope and Bromley Town wards.


As part of the meeting the SRA organised a local “hustings” by inviting each of the parties fielding candidates at the forthcoming local elections to set out their priorities for the area and answer questions from the floor. 


The SRA is, as far as we know, the only organisation within the London Borough of Bromley to organise this sort of event.  Indeed, several people from outside our area came along to hear about key local concerns for the next four years.


Mark Dempsey, SRA Chairman, said:  “The level of interest in this event proves that people are genuinely concerned about local issues.  Local people had  the chance to hear what each party will focus on and to  put their views to prospective Councillors.  Just as importantly, we will be well placed after the 3 May elections to hold our locally elected representatives to account. The level of support we received for the event also demonstrates the key role that residents’ associations can continue to play in local affairs.”

SRA Guided South Hill Wood Walk

SRA Spring Newsletter

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Newsletter update - Shortlands Police

Shortlands Ward Dedicated Ward Officers (DWO)

Question No: 2018/0719

Gareth Bacon

Will you honour your pledge to have at least two DWOs in each ward and reverse the decision to reduce this to one in the Shortlands Ward in Bromley?

The Mayor

I am committed to ensuring that all 629 wards in London have at least two Dedicated Ward Officers (DWOs) and a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).

The Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) has raised your concerns regarding Shortlands ward with the new South Area Basic Command Unit (BCU) Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe.

Mr Boothe has given his assurance that he is committed to maintaining two DWOs on the Shortlands ward and that a recruitment process is underway to fill the current vacancy. I understand that Mr Boothe has met with you directly to discuss the matter and provide reassurance.

As with any human resource there will inevitably be vacancies due to normal personnel turnover. A post may be temporarily vacant due to retirement, resignation, sick leave, maternity leave, promotion or redeployment to another part of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). When this happens the MPS has committed to refilling these posts as quickly as possible.

SRA wins bus route improvement

One key theme of our  Parking Review was the difficulties 367 bus drivers had experienced because of the parking problems in negotiating roads like Kingswood Road . At the end of the Review we flagged our concerns up to Transport for London (TfL), who agreed with us, and met with Council Officers. The result is that there will be new 367 bus stop markings in St Mary’s Avenue to prevent other vehicles from parking at or too close to existing bus stops, and the Council have also agreed to look at existing bus stop markings in Kingswood Road close to Mays Hill Road, with a view to possibly extending them. This would provide extra clearance for buses to pull in and out safely.

Shortlands Safer Neighbourhood Ward Public Meeting Minutes

SRA Winter Newsletter

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