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Shortlands Crime Report  01/03/18-12/03/18

SRA comments on Police cut back

Despite all the promises and assurances that “Local policing is at the heart of what the Met do every day" a decision seems to have been made at senior levels that Shortlands Ward is to lose one of our DWOs, reducing the strength of our SN Team to one PC and one PCSO, the SRA has stated

We understand the budget challenges being faced but if this decision is correct, it flies in the face of the commitment to increase Ward DWO strength made by the Mayor of London and which Bromley Police implemented only late last year.

Shortlands Ward is a low level crime area and we want to keep it that way. Are we to be penalised because of this? We strongly support our Ward Team, taking steps to increase our own individual security as much as possible. People have long hoped for increased visible local policing throughout the Met Police area and we are no different. If this decision goes ahead commitments previously made will be frustrated, to the disappointment of local  residents.

Shortlands Safer Neighbourhood Ward Public Meeting Minutes

Watch out for strangers

Friends of South Hill Woods and Kingswood Glen

Spring Newsletter

SRA Winter Newsletter

Published January 22

Street parties for the Royal Wedding and the Big Lunch


Road closure fees for street parties related to the Royal Wedding and the Big Lunch are being waived. Applications must be received by 9 March. 

This will ensure that applications from residents, Street Friends and other community groups allow sufficient time for processing and potential road closure orders to be issued. Fees that normally apply of £552 for roads requiring closure will be postponed for both occasions.


“The Royal Wedding will be one of the highlights of 2018 and I expect that many residents will be looking to celebrate the occasion. It will be a great time to bring our communities and neighbourhoods together. The Council would like to facilitate your celebrations” commented Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment


Councillor Huntington-Thresher added “I am pleased to say that our borough’s history of street parties and the community spirit it represents is continuing – and our Street Friends are a shining example of this. I would encourage anyone wishing to hold street parties to apply in good time and if this inspires you to make your neighbourhood a better place, think about joining Street Friends or find out more about other ways to volunteer from our website”.


Street party applications for the Royal Wedding on May 19 and the Big Lunch on June 3 must be received by the deadline of March 9 and will be permitted on either a Saturday or Sunday of both weekends.

Organisers need the Council’s permission to hold parties on the road or pavement but fees only normally apply if the road needs to be closed. Road closures are sometimes necessary to ensure the safety of people attending the party as well as pedestrians and motorists needing to access the road.

Public liability insurance cover for these events is strongly recommended but not obligatory. Organisers are advised to visit the Big Lunch website for further information. However, the Council requires that certain conditions are met and these include having diversion and warning signs at each vehicle access point and being able to easily remove tables, chairs and other temporary objects to allow access for emergency vehicles. Similarly, banners and bunting hanging across the road must be secured at a height of at least 7 metres. 

Organisers and residents attending street parties and other events are reminded to be aware of security and to remain vigilant at all times. Including not leaving bags unattended, keeping valuables locked away and out of sight, and locking doors and windows, if appropriate.

Street party information and application forms are available at or by calling 0300 303 8658.

Fake Government Grant Fraud Alert


To make the grants look legitimate fraudsters have set up bogus companies and convincing looking websites that claim to be operating on behalf of the UK Government.


Fraudsters cold call businesses and individuals offering the grant and if they’re interested direct them to fill out an online application form with their personal information.

Once the fraudsters have that information they’ll contact back victims and congratulate them on being accepted onto the grant programme.  


Pre-paid credit cards


Applicants are then asked to provide identification and are instructed to get a pre-paid credit card to deposit their own contribution to the fake Government grant scheme. Fraudsters will then contact victims on the phone or are emailed and asked for the details of their pre-paid credit card and copies of statements to in order for them to add the grant funds.


Of course the grant funds are never given by the fraudsters and the money that’s been loaded by the victim onto the card is stolen.


If you receive one of these calls, hang up immediately and report it to us. We’ve already taken down one website fraudsters have been using to commit this fraud and are working with Companies House to combat this issue.


How to protect yourself:


Be wary of unsolicited callers implying that you can apply for grants. You should never have to pay to receive a government grant, and they definitely won’t instruct you to obtain a pre-paid credit card. The government should have all the information they need if a genuine grant application was submitted, therefore any requests for personal or banking information either over the phone or online should be refused.


What to do if you’re a victim: 


     •     If you think your bank or personal details have been compromised or if you believe you have been defrauded contact your bank immediately.

     •     Stop all communication with the ‘agency’ but make a note of their details and report it to Action Fraud.

     •     If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting or by calling 0300 123 204

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